Me, Myself and Sophia

Me, Myself and Sophia

This body of work was born before my daughter was actually born. At the time I was searching for a new direction in my work and was living in Jackson, MS where I was teaching at a local college. I was isolated from friends and family and was trying to find a connection in my work that would help shape where I was creatively and personally.

Within two years of starting to once again make self-portraits, after 15 years, I suddenly found myself a new Mother and circumstances meant that I was parenting on my own. So the creative journey was set and the focus of my new direction became the work that I know call, “Me, Myself and Sophia”.

Through time I have come to see my daughter’s tenacious and self-possessed nature as a great asset to who she is as a person, but it also has meant that she has been diagnosed with ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder and Anxiety. These things set her apart but also have become the defining dynamics of our life together as Mother and Daughter. I embrace her presence in my life and the way that it shapes me as a person, Mother and Artist.

Our days are filled with struggles, fears, trouble in school that can prompt calls in to many specialists, but our time together is also about our hugs, laughter and creativity together. I hope that my images can transport our viewers to the playfulness, the dreams, even the fear and frustration that encompass the space that my child and I live in together. I am sure that any parent of a precocious, challenged and intelligent child can relate to many of my photographs.

- Jennifer Bronwynn Copp